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HID Xenon Ballast,Xenon Ballast

1. AC ballast, 12V and 24V, 35W and 55W, fast start and canbus ballast are all available.
2. Fast start with low startup electric current, easy to startup without initiating the alert indicator light on dashboard.
3. Obtain stable brightness quickly within 5 seconds upon cold boot, more safe for driving.
4. More stable performance, low defective rate, long lifetime.
5. Slim with small size, excellent heat dissipation, easy to install.
6. Canbus ballast can solve most decoding problem of most cars in the market.
7. Warranty: 14 Month since the date of purchase.

Product Description

HID Xenon Ballast(AC Ballast) Description

Product Parameters:
● Input Voltage: 9-16V/ 9-32V
● Vnorm: DC13.2V
● Iin: 3.2A
● Iin max: 5.5A
● Pout: 35W
● Max. start voltage: 23kV
● Tcase: -40℃~+150℃
● Certification: CE E-mark RoHS
● Lifespan: 3000hrs

Ballast Function:
● Over voltage Protection
● Short Circuit Protection
● Under voltage Protection
● Over current Protection
● Circuit Protection
● Waterproof, Anti-dust, Shockproof

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