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Types of Lights on Car and How to Use Them

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Types of Lights on Car and How to Use Them


There are various types of lights on car, which are an important guarantee for the safety and reliable running of the car. These devices can be roughly divided into two categories according to their usage: lighting systems and signaling systems.

types of car lights image

Firstly, lighting system

Car lighting is an essential lighting equipment for driving at night. According to different uses, it can be generally divided into headlight, fog lamp, license plate lamp and interior lighting device.

1. Headlight: Headlight is the most important lighting device on the car, its role is to illuminate the road and objects in front of the car when driving at night, to ensure our driving safety. There are two kinds of headlight, which is high beam and low beam. Low beam is used for urban roads with street lights while high beam is used for suburban roads without street lights or expressways.

2. Width light

width light image

Mainly used to display the width and length of vehicles at night. Alert other cars and pedestrians to see them.

3. The fog lamps

There are two types of fog lamps: front and rear.

fog light image

The front fog lamp is installed in the front part of the vehicle, slightly lower than the headlamp. It is used for road lighting when there is a lot of rain and fog. The rear fog lamp is mainly a warning function to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

4. License plate lamp

License plate lamp image1

It is installed above the rear license plate and illuminates the license plate at night.

5. Instrument lamp

Instrument lamp image

Installed on the vehicle instrument, used for instrument lighting, convenient for the driver to obtain driving information correct operation.

6. Reading lights in cars

reading light

Installed in the cab or the top of the car, used for interior lighting.

7. Atmosphere lamp

Atmosphere lamp image

The interior atmosphere lamp is a kind of illuminative light that plays a decorative role, mainly in order to make the compartment more gorgeous at night.

Secondly: Signal system

1. Turn signal

There are usually four or six turn signals installed on the front, rear and side of the car which is used when the car is turning. By sending out flicker signal of alternating light and dark so other people can know their own direction.

Turn signal light image

2. Hazard warning light

Hazard warning light image

Danger warning light and turn signal light are shared. When the vehicle breaks down and stops on the road, press the danger warning light and both sides flash at the same time to remind the rear vehicle to avoid.

3. Brake lights

Brake light image

Installed at the back of the car, used for the car to stop or decelerate by sending a light signal to warn the car behind and pedestrians.

4. Back-up light

Back-up light image

Installed at the rear of the car, used to illuminate the road behind the car and alert traffic and pedestrians behind the vehicle that the car is reversing.

5. Daytime running lights.

Improve your car's identification so that pedestrians and vehicles can spot your car early. It also has aesthetic effect.


How to use car lights?

How to use headlights correctly is not only related to our safety, but also affects the safety of other vehicles and personnel. Therefore, we should not be careless.

wrong use of high beam image

1. Turn signal light: Remember to open 3 seconds in advance before turning.

2. Hazard warning light: Open it when emergency parking or bad weather driving .

3. Fog lights: inclement weather like rainy days or fog days.

Width light: open for driving at night and temporary parking at night, indicating the width, length and outline size of the car body before entering the tunnel mouth 50 meters.

4. Headlight:

high beam:suburban roads without street lights or expressways. when the road is dark or the street lamp auxiliary lighting is poor and irradiation distance is more than 100 meters, but close it when car meets or near in the same direction.

high beam effect image

Low beam: mainly used for urban roads. Use low beam for each other at a distance within 150 meters.

The use of car lights varies in different weather and road conditions. We must pay attention to use it to ensure the safety of ourselves and others.

Automotive headlight technology is more and more advanced. In the early days, it was the simplest halogen and xenon headlight. Nowadays, LED headlights and laser headlights have been widely used. What's more, the headlamp is more and more intelligent, automatic opening, follow up steering and other technologies are also gradually popularized and used.


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