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Buick Envision Replace HID Xenon Headlight to F55 LED Headlight

Hello, it's nice to see you again!

Today we are going to tell you a real story of Buick Envision, this Envision's original bulb is halogen 9012(HIR2) and the dirver think it is not bright and changed to HID xenon headlight in one of our agent store about 4 years ago, and he come back because one of his xenon headlight didn't work.

Envision xenon headlight

The left side of the xenon headlight went off and didn't work.

The left xenon don't work

With the development of science and technology, the HID xenon headlight is not as good as LED headlight, we will try to use our F55 LED headlight(high brightness) on this car, let's see the comparison of HID xenon and LED headlight.

F55 LED Headlight

let's see the low beam and high beam comparison.

Envision LED headlight VS xenon headlight image

And high beam comparison( left side is F55 LED headlight, right side is HID xenon headlight).

Envision high beam comparisonAs you can see from the above pictures, the F55 LED headlight is much more brighter and concentrate than the HID xenon headlight, which is about 3 times brighter!

Ok, let's also change the right side xenon headlight to LED headlight

Envision LED headlight low beam effect image

The above is low beam effect and the below is high beam!

Envision LED headlight effect image

The whole process takes about half an hours, it's very easy and quick to upgrade your halogen and xenon headlight to LED headlight, it's it?

Envision headlight upgrade

Ok, so much for today's Envision, if you have questions or feedbacks of LED headlight, contact us freely at: [email protected], technical support or installation problems are also welcome!

Notes: For Envision, you need a canbus HID ballast when upgrade xenon headlight, but for LED headlight, no need canbus.

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