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How to deal with water in or fogging of headlights?

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How to solve the fogging of the headlights?

Usually when there is fog, as long as the headlights are used normally, they will completely dissipate in about a few days. If it is particularly serious, you can open the back cover of the waterproof cover of the headlights, turn on the headlights, and let the lights dry the fog inside or Put two packs of special desiccant for car lights, and then cover the waterproof cover after cooling.

How to solve the water in the headlights?


The picture above shows the water in the Regal headlights

It is found that the headlights have entered the original car. 

Is the headlight surface or the rear shell damaged or the cover is not covered? 

Find the air leak and seal it with glue, or go to a professional lamp modification store to re-seal the car light with glue. If the air outlet is blocked, it needs to be opened. 

If it is not enough, you can open another air outlet. The air outlet should have a sponge. It is a curved vent.

The water in the headlights needs to be processed quickly to avoid damage to the components in the headlights. 

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