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How to install HID Xenon Conversion Kits in your car by yourself

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1. Remove the factory headlight bulbs. If necessary, remove the factory headlight bezel as well.

2. Replace the factory headlight bulbs with HID bulbs. Be careful not to touch the HID bulb glass with bare hands, as the oils on human skin will heat up and damage to the bulb may occur.

3. Plug the HID bulbs into the ballasts provided with the HID kit. Test the HID ballast wiring for length, as HID lights use special wiring that cannot be extended.

4. Mount the ballasts as close to the headlight bulbs as possible. Use self-tapping screws and nylon wire ties to mount the ballasts securely to the vehicle. Do not mount the ballasts where they will be exposed to excessive amounts of moisture or heat. Once mounted, connect the factory headlight harness to the ballast to trigger the HIDs.

5. Test the HID for proper operation.  It may about 10 seconds for the bulbs to illuminate completely. Once correct operation is verfied replace the headlight bezel.

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