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Will the traffic police stop me after upgrade the lights? Can I pass the annual inspection?

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Sometimes, we heard some friends feedback the car is equipped with a LED or xenon lamp and has not passed the annual inspection. Then many friends are a little confused about it. Why did some passed the annual inspection while some failed?

police stop high beam cars

In fact, the general reasons may be the following aspects:

First: The color temperature is above 6000K

Many friends actually don't know the concept of the color temperature of the LED or xenon lamp. Frankly, it is the color of the light.

3000K-golden light, strong penetrating power, suitable for rainy and foggy days, often used in fog lamps

4300K-yellow light, similar to ordinary lights, strong penetrating power

5000K-light white with a little yellow, strong penetrating power (recommended)

6000K-light white and blue, like noon daylight, comfortable vision, slightly poor penetration

8000K-white with blue, penetrating power is weaker than 6000K, it is not recommended.

10000K-white and slightly blue, the higher the K number, the bluer the light emitted, the weaker the penetrating power in rainy and foggy days

12000K-White is more blue and purple, poor penetration in rainy and foggy days

car annual inspection

Generally, the Xenon lights in the market have a color temperature of 6000K. This color temperature is white and blue, and the penetrating power is not very strong. It is not clear on the road in rainy or foggy days and looks dazzling. Above 6000K, it’s bluer. Although it looks cool, it’s not practical and hard to see.

Many luxury cars come with xenon lamps that are 5000K or 4300K. Therefore, we generally recommend to modify the color temperature of 5000K or 4300K.


Second: The light of the LED or xenon lamp is too scattered

There are many brands of LED and xenon lamps in the market, the prices are also different, and the quality is even more varied. Some of the LED and xenon lamps look very bright, but the lights are very scattered and do not focus. Naturally, they cannot pass the annual inspection. We generally recommend the LED and xenon lamp of well-known brands, such as Philips, Osram, , and DIDO brand LED or xenon lamp.

Third: the lights not in right level

We all know that the annual inspection light detector has a range, and some of our car owners have the wrong height of the LED or xenon lamp, too high or too low, and the light concentration point is not within the scope of the detector, so there is no annual inspection. In this case, we can adjust the level of the light. If you don’t know how to adjust, you can upgrade the lights for free.

Fourth: Lamp problem

Some cars have been used for so many years, the lamps are yellow or cracked, and the lights don’t shine far away; some car’ s reflectors are dusty and the lights don’t shine. In this case, the lamps need to be renovated or replaced.

Mazda headlamp

Notice: The Policeman catches the person is not the one whom changing the bi-xenon bifocal lens, but "using lights not as required" i.e the person driving high beams in urban areas. No matter this situation is changed or not, the high beam will be caught. Now many drivers in the urban area, where there are obvious street lights, also use the high beam. What is more, the high beam is directly replaced by a bulb without a lens. Xenon lights, and shine each other’s eyes. In fact, it is very dangerous to stab the opposite driver’s eyes, and sometimes it’s hurt yourself.

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