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For Lighting Modification, How Much Do You Know?

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Many people may ask, I am not interested in modification, why do I need to modify the lamp? Isn't the original one better?

 projector lens

Since the original headlights of many cars are halogen headlights, the brightness of the lights is average, while the light decay is relatively serious after three years, so we need to replace or modify the lights in time for the safety of our life.

mini halogen bulb

However, regarding the modification,some people say replace the halogen bulbs to xenon bulbs or LED bulbs can improve the brightness.

Is it really that simple to modify the lights?

fit LED bulb

Yes, this is also what many people in the market did. The brightness can be increased to 2-3 times than the original one. But they find some of the headlight is too scattered, The driver on the opposite side will be unclear, and the irradiation distance will be limited.

At this time, professional modification of the car lights- HID/LED double light lens is introduced. Many high-end cars, BMW, Benchi, and Audi’s high-end models are generally equipped with original bifocal lenses and xenon headlights, which can make full use of the light of the car lights and concentrate most of the light on the road. The light shines farther and brighter.

fit modify projector lens

Many car owners’ cars are not high-end cars, or they high-end cars' light decayed, and they also want to have those lights as the high-end cars or even better. This is what we call bifocal lens modification. 

But this modification is complicated. 

First, you must remove the lights, open the cover of the lights and then install the bifocal lens inside the headlights. The installation of the lens is also very knowledgeable, if it is not installed properly, it will directly affect the light type and the effect of lighting. After that, the headlight cover must be sealed. The whole process usually takes 4-6 hours, depending on different car models.

discovery 4 light modification

Some car owners thought it was simple. They bought the lens online and refitted it by themselves or called a repair shop to help refit it. As a result, the headlights were broken, the water entered and fogged, the lights were incorrect, the wiring was messy and so on. This not only affects the appearance of the headlights, but also has the risk of auto-ignition.
Lighting modificationis actually not that simple. We recommend a professional light modification shop, not only to ensure the effect of the light, but also save your time and money!

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