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Why Upgrade Lighting? Some Reasons Maybe You Don't Know?

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When it comes to upgrading the car lights, some people may ask, "Why upgrade the lights when my car already has them?"

Below is our answer.

Although our cars already have headlights, many of the headlights from the original factory are still halogen lamps whose energy is mostly used for heating, while only a small part is used for emitting light. Just like the incandescent light bulbs used in our home, which was replaced by  LED or energy saving bulbs, the same reason.

bettle halogen bulb

Not only that, the lights are also related to our life safety! At night, people's eyes identify objects through light. If the brightness of ordinary car lights is not enough, there will be a lot of blind areas for eyes to be unable to see when driving at high speed or in places with few street lamps, which will cause eye fatigue and bring some hidden dangers to safe driving. Data shows that there are about 1.25 million deaths due to road traffic accidents in the world every year, which is equivalent to 3,500 deaths due to traffic accidents every day in the world. Traffic accidents at night are 3 times as many as those in the daytime, and 56% of them are caused by improper use of headlights and insufficient light brightness!

mini original bulb effect

How many knew how close they were to the danger...

Therefore, upgrading the headlights is a forgotten rigid need! Very necessary!

mini LED projector lens

The image above shows a BMW Mini with an upgraded LED dual light lens

So what are the benefits of upgrading your lights?

1. Lighting brightness is brighter (ordinary halogen headlamp 800 lumens, xenon or LED headlamp 3200 lumens brightness, xenon lamp or LED+ lens brightness can be increased by about 300%.

2. farther irradiation distance (xenon lamp or LED+ lens modified, irradiation distance is 2 times higher than the original car, greatly improve the response time at high speed.

3. Light makes eyes more comfortable (xenon lamp or LED bulb above 5000K-6000K, the brightness emitted is close to sunlight, so that eyes are more comfortable)

4. Longer service life (halogen lamp is tungsten filament, xenon lamp or LED without tungsten filament, longer service life than halogen lamp, the service time can reach more than 3,000 hours at least,LED headlight can even reach 50,000 hours)

5. Make your car special and outstanding 

upgrade make you special

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